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  • Claudia Klomp is an actress from Utrecht, the Netherlands. She is 30 years old and can play roles between the ages of 21 and 30.

    Claudia can be discribed as a diverse art performer. She has developed herself in acting, modeling and classical ballet. She also has musical talent and was a violin player in an orchestra. These talents gave her the quality to present herself in many audiences. She performed in theaters, music halls, on TV and she also did modeling.

    Acting has been her main passion since her early childhood. This came from her big interest in movies. She really loves to put all her emotions in a character when she is acting. Shortly after discovering this, she joined a few years with the Utrecht Centre for Arts for her first development in the field of theater and did several performances. She followed several acting workshops as well.

    After her pre-university secondary education, Claudia gathered professional experience as an actess for guest roles in television soaps. Next to that she has professional live experience on TV and theater. She did live performances in a première show at Royal Theater Carré in Amsterdam and she also performed live as an assistant in a very successful TV show from SBS6 network. Claudia also has experience in acting in serveral promotion films for professional business.

    With her passion and ambition she studied acting at a Performing Arts School. During this education she developed an extensive practical theater experience by acting in many theater productions in professional theaters in Holland. Claudia also taught drama lessons at John Wise Public School in Ontario in Canada. She is highly motivated to continue learning and to make the most out of herself as an actress.

    Claudia was honored to be selected as actress and model for team Holland 2014 during the "World Championships of Performing Arts" in Hollywood. This was an exceptional chance for her to make a tremendous step forward in her professional career as an actress. She won the bronze medal for acting classical and scholarships.

    After this her great wish to do an Acting for Film Workshop at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles became real this autumn. She had very instructive classes and did many student film projects also on the Backlot of Universal Studios. Claudia was the lead actress in a final project called "NEED". She graduated this workshop with serieus new knowledge and experience in the field of acting.